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Here is a little bit more of an insight on ourselves! We’re Rebecca and Terry Meyer—founders, husband-and-wife team, and proud parents!

Miann & Co is a family-owned, Australian-based establishment. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality clothing and homewares, all individually handmade with love from natural, non-synthetic fibres. We grew up in small rural communities we feel passionate about our environment ,small communities and minimising our impact on the earth . We don’t proclaim to be perfect far from it but we do consciously strive to minimise our impact on this beautiful place with call home .

Purchasing a unique piece from Miann & Co ensures that you’re not only giving yourself and your child the best quality, and a thoughtful design —it means you’re helping a family-operated Australian business to thrive.

We can all make a difference.
Big Change comes from simple micro - actions of millions of people coming together .

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hello and welcome to our family business we are rebecca and terence meyer—founders, husband-and-wife team, and proud parents!

We’re a locally run Australian family business passionate about the future of our family – our children’s children, whilst we may not be perfect we strive to transform the way fashion is not only produced but also consumed. We believe in good quality products that stand the test OF TIME and become a pillar towards a sustainable fashion industry.

Miann and Co was born in 2011, just after our second child was born, our firstborn began to have troubling complications with eczema. This was a turning point for us—we wanted to give ours and other parents’ kids the ability to be surrounded by wholesome, wellness-promoting fabrics and toys. We began our Miann & Co journey that same year by designing safe, handmade toys, and later evolved into natural clothing with synthetic-free fibres as well as natural homewares.

Our handmade toys are constructed from the finest cotton yarns; all safety tested to ensure a healthy and dependable product. We’re proud to say our toys are first in class for quality craftsmanship materials, design, safety, and ethical production.

Natural fibres are the cozy, touchably-soft element you feel in our garments. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool, are made of animal or plant-based fibres, while synthetics are man-made and produced entirely from chemicals. These man-made fabrics such as polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon are treated with thousands of toxic, irritating chemicals during production. Our fibre range is predominantly made from cotton, which is hypoallergenic and is soft and soothing on sensitive skin. It’s also durable, making for stress-free laundering duties for moms and dads.

Our product lines have grown to serve the needs of our lovely customers—we now carry garments and home goods for women and grown-ups of the family. Our clothes are produced in small batches in partnership with an offshore, family-run business, which we take time to visit regularly. Every one of our handcrafted products is made in a co-op, giving women and men the opportunity to work from home with flexible childcare options—all while nurturing their creativity.

Our mantra

Our mantra

Know better , be Better - We believe that transparency in education is the key to giving consumers the tools to make better informed choices to make change for the better .

Behind the scenes

Our Brand

Who makes your clothes, who design your clothes, inspiration etc? Miann and Co is a small family operated business based in rural Victoria Australia . We started our journey under the brand La de dah Kids and in 2016 we decided to rebrand to Miann and Co a brand that could expand to the whole family. The name was chosen to reflect our new direction as a lifestyle brand that not only operates in the kid’s space but for the whole family. Today our products are designed as investment heirloom pieces that can take a child from birth to adulthood , child to child and grow our natural offering of pieces designed with love for the whole the whole family.

Behind The Scenes


Our products are all designed in house and every aspect of the design is considered to extend the longevity and lifecycle of the product. Neutral colour selection is becoming more a staple in our colour palette as we aim to create pieces that are not gender specific and Classic design that can transcend fads and trends . We select to only use natural fibres that can some time present challenges when designing beautiful garments and achieving qualities like beautiful draperability which is more easily accessible with ( synthetic fibres ) .

Trims are also a very considered part of the garment design. We work With reputable companies that service machinery on things like snap Buttons etc to source our garment trims. Our priority is safety especially when design baby products and this does effect both the look and function of a garment.

We would like to work towards more sustainable trims like our use of elastic / poppers / zippers etc to make our products fully recyclable. We use water based dyes no plastisol prints are used or even considered in our design process .

We also test products like our toys for both their colour fastness properties as well as their physical properties.


Our Shop our warehouse and our office are all in one location . We started our business with the theory to minimise our impact and the day to day running of a small business . We believe small is not excuse for not making change but an enabler the adapt and make the biggest change . We have made goals to transition to a zero waste company but it is a journey . We have started the transition to compostable satchels / we recycle all cardboard that comes into our warehouse and always have . We aim to add compostable bins , changing to organic cleaning solutions and to end any use of plastic for packaging .

We re also aiming to reduce any energy usage .

This is just the start .



Our people and community are the heart beat of everything we do as a smallfamily run business .

At present our team sits with 4 in house team members and that covers all aspects of the business From design to warehousing . We also work with contractors on a need be basis to compliment our in-house workings .

We see our people as family. We continue to be growth minded and life long learners. We support each other and we strive to be an organisation that is Diverse in skill base and personalities .

Our mantra is respect and kindness and we treat everyone from our team to our community with these Qualities front of mind .


Terry and Rebecca have Both grown up in small rural communities and now run their business in Rural Australia. We are hugely passionate about small communities in Rural Australia and the opportunities it brings to family life and immersing yourself in the natural environment . We have always seen being raised and now living in these communities one of the greatest opportunities to grow a business in a supportive , spirited environment .

We also believe in Giving back as our business grows . Every year we run a 12 days of christmas campaign that we make donations and support a different charity . Some of these charities include donating to Geelong mums, giving back to our community for 12 days we asked for families that Had experienced hardship and traedgy and popped beautiful and thoughtful care packages together for 12 different families . Community and giving back will continue to part of our brand . We have also contributed to the Australian bush fire appeal and are looking at ongoing initiatives to support recovery .


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